Can I Transfer a Private Domain Name?

 Can I Transfer a Private Domain Name?

Yes, but not without raising the protective veil of privacy. Your new registrar has to send your domain name’s administrative contact an email with information that you–or the administrative contact if he or she is not you–will need to consummate the transfer from the old registrar to the new one. The reason for this email, of course, is to ensure  hotel transfers that the person requesting the transfer is authorized to do so. With the veil of privacy in place the new registrar’s email service can’t determine what that email address is much less who it is and you’ll never receive this email or the information in it.

Does that mean that somebody outside of the two registrars could discover who owns the domain name while the veil is down? Highly unlikely but not impossible. If you want certainty, than avail yourself of Domain Tools’ service guaranteeing your privacy for only ten dollars a day (the cost is not a typo!). Most of us, I suspect, are going to take our chances…

This is Important: Immediately upon purchasing your transfer you should also repurchase your privacy contract. If you fail to do so it is possible that your footprint could be found by someone tracing the domain name’s ownership history. Apparently Domain Tools offers such a tracing service for a few dollars a month. This would allow the searcher to see that you owned the domain up to the time it was covered by the privacy service. It wouldn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that you probably still owned it.

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