College Football Heisman Candidates

As the NCAA School Football truly gets rolling, school grounds cross country are loaded up with the buzz of who could win the current year’s Heisman prize. Respecting the best player in school football every year, the honor went to sophomore quarterback Tim Tebow of Florida last year. While Tebow gets back to lead the Gators, there are various different competitors for the prize this year.

Emerging from (apparently) no place last year, the Missouri Tigers rose to the highest point of the Large 12 pack, procuring a main positioning เว็บพนันบอล their misfortune in the meeting title game to enduring influence Oklahoma. Driven by two Heisman competitors, senior quarterback Pursue Daniel and genuine sophomore collector Jeremy Maclin. With a main 10 rating and early season achievement, on the off chance that this Tigers go as far as possible, both of these players are equipped for bringing back the equipment.

While Heisman victors for the most part play for public competitor groups, there are various amazing players who play on great, however not incredible, groups. South Florida Quarterback Matt Grothe is an extraordinary competitor, as is Boise State running back Ian Johnson who could run for more than 7,000 yards in his school profession.

There are various cutthroat quarterback sin the current year’s class going from the amazing first-year USC starter Imprint Sanchez, Texas’ Foal McCoy, the proficient passer Todd Reesing of Kansas and the gifted Ryan Perrilloux of LSU.

Texas Tech additionally highlighted two top-level Heisman up-and-comers in quarterback Graham Harrell and wide recipient Michael Crabtree who got 21 scores a year ago. While Tech is in a cutthroat meeting, the mix of Harrell and Crabtree could impel them to the top level this season.

Among top running backs, Chris “Beanie” Wells leads last year’s next in line Ohio State where he ran for north of 1500 yards and Wisconsin’s PJ Slope will place in a cutthroat season for the Badgers. Texas running back Jamaal Charles is quite possibly of the quickest player in school football, and ought to set up a few noteworthy numbers this season.


The current year’s Heisman contest highlights one of the more capable classes in late history, and ought to make for an astonishing year heading into the BCS.

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