Forgotten Dreams 16

 Forgotten Dreams 16


My heart’s in the wild woods
My head I Sky Eden@Bedok Showflat s in the clouds
My love’s always with you
With trees and bush and flowers
My heart’s in the earth place
My head is in the skies
But always I’m with you
You’ll see that in my eyes

My heart’s in the wild woods
My refuge is the sky
My home on lowly earth
At other times is high
My heart ever shining
With gold or silver light
For I’m always with you
Whether it’s day or night.

Though heaven’s beautiful
So also is the earth
I love both rich palaces
And simple cottage hearth
I’ll stretch to embrace both
And this you’ll surely see
As long as your true love
Is faithful just to me.

Love’s magic- the wild woods
I’ll give you all its thrill
My head’s in the clouds high
On earth I’m with you still
My home is the heavens
And here by our fireside
Please stay always happy
To remain here at my side.



What art Thou, that makes my whole being ache with love and
longing for Thy works?

Thou, God, art all that is and ever will be – worlds
without number, life unceasingly

What am I, that aches with love and longing for fulfilment in life

I am That which has come to earth from worlds away to
bring light increasingly

What matter I and what of Life in seas of great Infinity?

Dost matter that I live to lost endeavours, suffering endlessly?

Nought was I when I came to Earth life joyously

Nought am I and nought will be but Light itself when I surrender my life graciously

From nought to nought one’s life traverses time relentlessly

From darkness we would journey- free to Light and living –

Thou art That which gives and takes life’s expressions –

I am that which seeks to break restricting bonds of my

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