How To Choose An Electric Dog Fence Company

 How To Choose An Electric Dog Fence Company

When you are looking to choose an electric dog fence company it is important to do your research in order to find the right company. Not all companies are created equal security fences  and choosing the wrong company could be a major mistake for your dog. There are some very specific things that you want to do in this area to find the best company.

When you are doing your research make sure to investigate the following items:

1- Quality of the product. There are many different dog fence products on the market. The unfortunate truth is that many of them are low quality that don’t last long and have other problems. Make sure to read online reviews that speak to the quality of the product that is going in your yard. Most companies will allow you to handle their product and will give you a demonstration of what the product will do before you buy. Call several companies to be able to test out the equipment.

2- Training knowledge of the staff. For many electric dog fence companies the owners of these companies got into the business simply because it is a good business. While this isn’t a bad thing it also means that many companies don’t have a love for dogs. More importantly, though, many companies only have a technical knowledge of dog fencing and electric fences but only have ‘book-learning’ or limited learning about dog training itself. It is best to find a company that is expert at both fences but also at dog training, dog psychology, and the principles that govern teaching dog behavior. Because every dog is different and every dog needs to be trained on the fence and the process in a different matter it is crucial that your company has a very in-depth knowledge of training with an electric collar. It is important in this market to research to find a company who has skilled trainers.

3- Customer service. Because of the nature of dog fencing it is important to do business with a company that will provide you adequate help after the sale. Equipment can potentially break down from wear, time, the elements amongst other things. Not only that but you are fencing in a living, breathing creature. Dogs and dog behavior are prone to change. When things change and the dog isn’t staying within the boundaries as before it is important that you have a company on your side that can help you solve any behavioral issues as they come up. Find a company that will serve you and continue to serve you after the sale.

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