How to Use a Self-Esteem Diary

 How to Use a Self-Esteem Diary

Keeping a self-esteem diary is a great self-esteem exercise that keeps your self-esteem high every day. You will only spend a couple of minutes every day and you will keep focused on the positive liv @ mb condo aspects of your life and on what you want.

Get a notebook. I suggest that you write in it at the same time every day so that it becomes a habit for you. I write in the evening before I go to be, but you may choose some other time that works better for you. Write down a few points under each of the following headings:

Write down the things that you did today that “proves” that you are a wonderful person. Perhaps you completed some important work, helped a friend, listened patiently to your mother complaining or chose fruit instead of chocolate. Anything that shows that you have a wonderful personality is good. If you want to, you can add a short summary after each point. These summarie should explain what the action you made means about your personality.

For example it can look something like this:

helped my friend with her essay – helpful
finished all my reports in one hour – efficient
solved the sudoku that my brother had given up with – intelligent

By adding these short explanations, you will practise presenting yourself and thinking about yourself in positive words. This is very good self-esteem practise!

Write down some of the things that you feel grateful for at the moment. It could be that the you found cheap strawberries in the supermarket, that you have amazing friends, that the telephone bill was unusually low, that you feel healthy etc. Writing down what you are grateful for is a good practise for focusing on the positive aspects of your life, and this helps you to develop self-esteem.

Write down what you want. You can write down either things that you want right now or things that you want in the long-term. Maybe you want a well-paid job, appreciation for helping your friends to clean their flat, improve your Italian, good results in the exam tomorrow or something else. It is good to force yourself to write down what you want because in many cases you may not really know what it is that you want. If you don’t know exactly what you want you will probably not get it. Also, even if you figure out what you want one day you need to keep reminding yourself of it. Keeping a self-esteem diary is a handy way of doing this.

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