Learn How to Print on Silicone Rubber Wristbands, Jewelry and Parts

Printer Dan thought imprinting on silicone elastic wristbands with conventional inks would be easy breezy. He blended his ink, applied the plan to his parts and when the ink dried he had lovely looking engravings on the part. Printer Dan bundled the altered silicone pieces and sent them to his clients all over America. He seemed to have had worked really hard and was exceptionally satisfied. Then Printer Dan got a call from the main client then he got a subsequent call, a third call and afterward everybody was calling expressing the ink was focusing on, Enormous disappointment! The ink focused on from being contacted; they lacked the ability to get them out of the case! He didn’t realize customary printing ink utilized in his print shop doesn’t adhere to silicone. Printer Dan took in the most difficult way possible yet you don’t need to: “the main thing that truly sticks to silicone will be silicone.” Essentially expressed this implies use silicone ink to print on silicone parts. Particular Print-On Silicone Ink utilizes an intensity interaction to cause process of silicone overmolding  making major areas of strength for it sturdy. It might sound muddled, however it is simple.

This is the carefully guarded secret:

Print-On Silicone Ink is weighed then blended (Print-On Silicone Ink™ is 10 to 1 blend proportion – 10 sections ink to 10 sections drier; you have a 24 hour open time once the two parts are blended which can be reached out by freezing the blend)

Apply ink to part (Cushion print, Screen print, Shower, Brush, Plunge. You can change the thickness to suit with Print-On More slender)

Heat remedy for two – six minutes at 300-400F (250F for 5+ minutes works as well)

Appreciate sturdy parts!

Everything necessary to blend and utilize the ink are:

Gram scale

Blend cups

Blend sticks

Heat source (Anything from toaster, heat light, or transport stove, and so on get it to temp for 2-6 minutes) Indeed, it can go longer.

Print-On Silicone Ink is extremely protected to work with being of similar innovation as the clay they put in your mouth at the dental specialist office. There are no perilous exhaust to be worried about and don’t stress over your part having the option to take the intensity either; most silicone elastic wristbands, swim-covers, cell covers and parts can take temperatures of 500F+ consistently. In the event that your part can’t take the intensity then it’s not silicone and you’re utilizing some unacceptable ink! Here is a portion of the elements and advantages of Print-On Silicone Ink Printer Dan passed up:

Hearty bond – won’t focus on effectively (Auto involves it for in vehicle button checking so you realize it endures)

Colorfast – Ink comes in energetic essential tones in addition to dark, white, gold, dim and clear so you can add your own variety

Water safe

Shiny (clear coat accessible to make level completion)

Adaptability; will extend with your part for example swim cap

Magnificent printability

A portion of the things being printed with this ink are:


iPhone and iPad covers

Buttons for regulators

Swim covers

Silicone and cell phone keypads


Silicone tubing

Stove gloves


Silicone pot holders

Any silicone special item

(Initially distributed in 2013 by Public News Today; refreshed June 2015)

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