RAM P99 Paintball Pistol

 RAM P99 Paintball Pistol

Features: The RAM P99 paintball pistol is a beauty. This paintball pistol by Real Action Paintball is the end all in reality military training. The gun features a sleek body and closely resembles the P99. Instead of attaching to 303 British ammo for sale a tank, this paintball pistol uses lightweight disposable 12 gram CO2 canisters which fir right into the durable hand grip of the gun and manage to launch ammo at around a max FPS of 290. Each canister powers up to 50 shots. The RAM P99 by RAP4 is a great sidearm for any player.

Drawbacks: There aren’t any major drawbacks of this pistol, though personally, I find the trigger to be a little small. (My finger felt kind of bulky firing the gun, so it was harder to pull the trigger rapidly, any my hand got a little sore, but that might just be me) The CO2 canisters can be a little frustrating, as they’re only good for one use so they’re not very environmentally friendly, which may or may not be important to you. CO2, of course, still has its own problems with changing pressure in different temperatures and such. This can damage paintball guns, which is why I recommend HPA or high pressure air, but to the best of my knowledge, there isn’t any way to get HPA canisters. Also, if you remove the canister before it’s fully used then the CO2 will be discharged and wasted. Overall, it’s still a really good pistol.

Ammo: The nice thing about RAM product is the fact they’re actual replicas of legit firearms. They can fire clips containing a variety of ammo types, including: .43 caliber paintballs or .43 caliber rubber balls. Now, you may not really ever fire the .43 caliber rubber balls if you’re using this on a paintball field, but they’re very popular for law enforcement training or military training. The .43 caliber paintballs are pretty standard actually, but make sure you don’t get.68 caliber ammo or you’ll run into problems.

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