Restaurant Menu Handouts – Useful Reference and Viral Marketing Mechanism

 Restaurant Menu Handouts – Useful Reference and Viral Marketing Mechanism

The print advertising campaign you create for your restaurant is one of many options and promotional value. There are several mediums you can use. One way to get your word across and 410 bore ammo for sale  to make your restaurant name known is through networking your name with printed menus in a small pocket brochure size. This helps you gain a few advantages such as:

Getting repeat business by having reference to your store

Having a menu of popular dishes and price for quick sale outside of the seating area

An easy answer for those who group together and need to decide where to eat

So, understanding that you have probably done other marketing strategy to at least get a trickle of customers in (i.e store location, signage and the like) to gain more foot traffic and to retain the customers you got, giving them something useful like a quick menu is worth having around. Just like those magnetic advertisements that you keep around to hold up the kids’ artwork or science test scores (and get you to call that rug shampooer or pizza delivery guy at the same time), they will serve a purpose and a sales tool.

One thing to keep in mind though when creating an outline of your pocket brochure, make sure that the nuggets of information are sale worthy. What that means is tell the customer why you are the best choice. Instead of saying, we are a brick oven pizza joint whose staff has worked 25 years collectively (who cares, I’m hungry), say something about the savory ingredients you use, the smells the tastes that come alive. Also, post a map on your pocket brochures. Mapquest or Google online have great plotting software you can simple copy and download and give to your pocket brochures designer.

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