The Tippmann TPX: A Trusty Sidearm for Tricky Situations

 The Tippmann TPX: A Trusty Sidearm for Tricky Situations

Tippmann TPX

Sometimes, paintball players might require something other than the larger-sized paintball guns. Perhaps the thrill of the gun has become lost; at other times, perhaps the heaviness of Tippmann paintball guns such as the Tippmann A-5 or the Tippmann 98 custom upgrades have become too high a price to pay for the high power that they 30-06 Ammo For Sale provide. It is undeniable that larger markers buy a better chance of excelling at the game, but what if the situation requires the paintball sportsman to lose control of his prized marker? A sudden gun jam in the middle of a firefight could mean a loss if no spare weaponry is carried around. This is why the professional sportsman always makes sure to carry a pistol – a smaller, lighter version of paintball markers for use as a sidearm or as backup while their larger gun is undergoing maintenance. Tippmann does not leave its loyal customers disappointed on this front – the Tippmann TPX is the paintball pistol of choice for sporting events.

The Tippmann TPX, despite being developed by the same people who created the intense Cyclone Feeder system, still carries the burden of disadvantage all paintball pistols possess. The size of the marker limits the amount of ammo a player can place at a time, this consuming more time to reload that the opponent can use to hunt you down. Because of the lack of a barrel to guide the progress of the pistol when fired, pistols have less accuracy, and thus may cause valuable paintball pellets to go flying in a skewed direction. Also, the smaller size ensures that the firing range of a pistol is less effective than that of their larger counterparts – the typical range of a pistol only goes from less than 100 feet, as compared to the more than 200-feet range of Tippmann paintball guns such as the A-5 or the 98 Custom. The general paintball community also advises that a paintball gun be used primarily as an emergency weapon, as it will be difficult to win, especially if every one of your opponents carries a larger weapon.

Despite this, the Tippmann TPX ensures that customers will not regret purchasing a sidearm for their next game. Manufacturers developed it not only to accentuate the advantages of the paintball pistol, but also to compensate for the disadvantages well-associated with the smaller firearm. The Tippmann TPX is equipped with a Quick Release Magazine Feed System, cutting down the amount of time it takes to reload your pistol. Reloading is also made easier by the TPX’s load cap, designed to require only a quarter of a turn to release the tank. Several users of the Tippmann TPX cite it as a strong point of the paintball pistol, something that the Tippmann A-5 or the Tippmann 98 custom upgrades have yet to offer.

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